On 9/11 of 2005 I rented a pickup, drove up to Canyon Lake Texas, and bought an 03'WR250F. This has turned out to be one very fun and versatile bike!

First off, this index page is a bit of a mess, and not expected to get any cleaner as I'd rather be working on my bike or better yet, riding my bike! Now, if by chance I happen to be snowed in (not likely) and have some down time, this might look a bit better, but til then ..... at least there's links (I hope) to most of my bike stuff here.

Here's a list of my pages:
This is an summary of bike mods as of April 2006: current mods
toolkit : what I use while riding far from availble support
Odo : fix and mod
forks: the film trick
Suspension Lowering link: Mountain Motor Sports Lowering Link
Full Circle Lowering - http://www.fullcirclecycle.com/lowering.htm
seat foam cutting
flatland racing bike protection
Street Legal DP mods (for a texas 250cc bike)
more bike mods
WolfPak a closer look
Licence Plate Lights
Stator Upgrade : floating the ground
Cleaning the Scotts Stainless Steel Oil Filter
my enduro race/row numbers
my dash mods including camera tripod mount with quick release

luggage ideas, using what I got .......
shift lever problem
moto ferry ideas
tire changing also see these vids
otterbox GPS mount
early garmin 2610 gps mounts ......
GPS track, direction, info for "The Port"
dash, dec 2007
Acerbis fit Acerbis tank
float bowl replacement screws
outter race removal front bearings
rim cleaning and painting the inside of the rims
sweet cheeks and alaska leathers sheepskin
hammock and figure nine pics
tat prep
camp test pics
misc pics in image folder
misc hammock and bike setup pics

ThumperTalk has been a wealth of infomation and I've included everything I've used there and anything else I've found useful and used listed below:

fork seal leaking fix
fixing fork seals: http://www.thumperfaq.com/fork_seals.htm
bleeding fork air pressure: http://www.motionpro.com/Docs/mainaccessories.html
bleeding fork air pressure: http://motocrossplus.net/products.asp

links to other bike's pages

My Rides:
Concho Enduro / South Padre Island to Port Mansfield Jetties Run
beach run apr06
caprock canyon 2006
cajun classic 2006
GatorBait Enduro 2006
"The Crash" 2006
Jax Jetties nov 2006
Thanksgiving Day 2006
TAT : Trans America Trail
Launching a Kayak at the jax jetties 3/11/07 see thread at advrider here
Bayside route to the Port Mansield Jetties (and the alien orange weed!) 19May07
New Riders to the Jax Jetties 6/10/2007 (and we didn't run out of gas!)
Gatorbait Enduro 2007
sidewinder enduro 2007
Bay side ride to Channel Marker 11 of mansfield cut/channel
another beach ride, found a kayak and bouy dec 07
orange alien weed
Stuck! in the clay mud at "the port"
Jan 08 Beach Ride
adventure riders at south padre spring break 08


Link to TX dp stuff


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