"The Green Apple Mods"
Want your plain jane white apple have some color?
It's not something you'll want to do just because .....
but if you had yourself a display problem like I did,
then while your inside the belly of the beast ... why not?

When I bump my Al 17 inch 1.5 GHz Power Book,
I sometimes have a problem with my screen going pink
and all grainy, there's also green involved .......
Usually all I normally had to do was to press on the back
of the display in just the right spot to cure the problem
but I just couldn't find that "sweet spot" anymore ....
the time came to take her apart and fix it,
but first research over at apple . com

Once I thought I had enough background info
it was time to tear into the beast
you'll see my photo documentation here .
there's also some other usefull links:

opening the lower section with keyboard

LCD replacement

pointers for opening up the display

and don't forget the discussion forums at apple.com